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February 27, 2014

Looking for Coffee Roasters Everywhere!

Great coffee just doesn't happen by accident.  Men and women slave over big ass roasting machines all over the world to deliver that exceptional coffee taste.  We at MCR are on the hunt for the best roasters anywhere on the planet.  We want to connect them with our readers, the great coffee lovers of the world, and we plan to deliver it right into your phones via our apps. So, if you roast, big or small, we want to know you,... just go to www.roastbank.com and register.   Coffee Roast  

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November 30, 2013

Bruce Turnbull tells it like it is at Tobys Estate Cafe Indigo Elements, Warana Sunny Coast

Bruce is a production manager at local radio at Zinc 96.1.  Funny bastardo!,.. knows nothing about coffee,...who cares! I love coffee

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October 14, 2013

Get me my coffee and no one get’s hurt

Some of the regular readers may have seen my T-shirt with that on it, and I have to confess it been very much like that the last few weeks. Coming into summer and spring racing, it's more about booze and parties than coffee but the cold weather has kinda taken me back to the bitter cold of Melb 2013. In spite of booze and gourmet nights, I have found a couple of quite corners in cafes to enjoy and contemplate, one being Piccolo Cafe, and more recently the new Third Wave cafe, who should be listed on MCR soon. The coffee at Piccolo is consistently smooth and flavoursome, and at Third Wave, they are pulling off magic every time. I like both not just because of the coffee but the quiet corner where you can work.

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October 7, 2013

$375 per kilo for coffee! Seriously!

And that's wholesale!  Retail is $650 per kilo. When I was invited by the Campos coffee guys to cup the Iron Man Geisha, I really was sceptical.  The most expensive coffee in the world?  I needed to see this.  Truth is  I was late, but Matthew was his usual charming self and has delayed the session to accommodate my tardiness. The delightful lass at the Elgin street store led me around back to the Carlton Laneway that access the roaster where Campos does its thing.  Behind the Roastery is, a somewhat out of place book shelf.  Afore said lass pulls a book forward, and like in the old Batman movies, the bookshelf pivots open like a big secret door to reveal the Campos Cupping room. I had been here before, but this was a very exclusive affair, with Campos blue bloods, Matthew Dessaix, and Dylon Green and the delightful Phoebe Montague from Ladymelbourne.com.au fame. DSC_1602 Before us were five cups coffee grounds ready for the nose stage.  If you don't know how cupping is done, check out this post or wikipeadia can give some insight.  Effectively it is a standardised way to gauge the quality of coffee all around the world. We slowly went through the coffee's, first the nose as dry and wet, then the impolite shocking slurping of the nectar.  The hunt was on for the Iron Man Geisha.  The first one was ok, but it was just coffee,.. it had some interesting notes but all in all, nope! Next was what I called the factory floor metal coffee, that was a Safeway special I think,.. no again.  The third, as a delightful chocolate and earthy flavour, very nice,.. Cup Of Excellence (Brazil I think), then we got onto 4.  I noticed how clean it was, and the coffee permeated my mouth without being rude or bitter.  It was a delight to drink and there were what seemed to be 1000 flavours pushing through my mouth. This was it; this has got to be it.  The 5th was amazing to, I was a bit taken aback, it was another CoE, from where I cant remember, and I was in no condition to make a note on my iPhone. Coffee doesn't keep like wine does, but once you have had some of this, you may want to shrink wrap the rest for your grand kids to see if not drink. DSC_1604 I think it retails at about $650 per kilo.   My guess is our Japanese brothers and sisters will snatch this lot up, but you may grab some through the Campos guys. DSC_1603

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