April 25, 2005

About Starbucks – for the record (a retrospective review).

Ok,… “there’s been a lot of talk… maybe, maybe too much talk” (sic U2),… about my looking down on Starbucks as a credible coffee source. For the record, I have zero issues against Starbucks as a business, and as a source of coffee. I lived in San Francisco for 10 months between 96 & 97 and man I lived in the Polk Street Starbucks. There made great(ish) coffee, and the service was awesome, and the staff were as Trump says “terrific”! I have many memories of sitting in this great store (pic below) and writing, or reading Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”.

Here in Melbourne, and most of the SE Asian places I have tried their coffee, they have nowhere near the passion I found in SFO. It’s very sterile. The quality is lost somewhere over the Pacific perhaps.

The other place I hung occasionally was Peets Coffee, a few doors down. They had great coffee, but the service was kinda sterile (at the time).

So, yes, I don’t rave about Starbucks here in Melbourne. They have done little to impress me... However, for many of MCR’s readers, it’s about having a place to sit and chat, with your kids or whoever. Starbuck does this quite well.

Enough about the franchises,… lets get back to drinking coffee!!

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