Section 8 Container Bar Tattersals Lane Melbourne Australia.

This is a way kewl place. Possibly too cool for me. While a bar, they do a unique coffee during the day. The thing about this place is that its totally outdoors, and uses a couple of containers and palletts to make up the decor and furniture. I loved it! On a sunny day it rocks, but I don’t know what they plan for cold weather in Melb. I’m sure something is a foot.

They use Coffee Supreme, and take a bit of pride in churning out a respectable brew. Mine was a latte, however I’ll be visiting a few more times to award a bean or two to them.


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3 Responses to “Section 8 Container Bar Tattersals Lane Melbourne Australia.”

  1. Seamus says:

    I went to this place to meet up for a drink with a few collegues on a friday afternoon but was denied entry by the bouncer because “there are too many guys inside”.
    Seemed pretty childish to me and Melbourne is full of great places so I wouldn’t bother with this one in future.

  2. Shanny Sena says:

    section 8 don’t use coffee supreme anymore. which is disappointing. they’re now using gravity. still the same barista though, and he loves his coffee.

  3. Anonymous says:

    switch board, under manchester unity building make the best of coffee supreme, but section 8 have never let me down.