MCR Looks at Milk

Ok, this is a bit of silliness,.. I know!!

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One Response to “MCR Looks at Milk”

  1. Altissima says:

    Hi Guys,

    I received the following email from Mag Nation. I’m not game enough to try it, but perhaps your readers might be interested in scoring a free coffee.


    From: Sahil Merchant []
    Sent: Wednesday, 1 November 2006 1:31 PM
    To: Sahil Merchant
    Subject: free coffees from mag nation

    mag nation dudes and dudettes

    we are offering you free coffee. you and anyone you know. and anyone they know. and anyone that they know.

    all someone has to do is come in to mag nation at 88 elizabeth st and speak the secret code at the counter. you will be rewarded with free caffeine.

    this will last until friday the 10th of november. only a selected few have been included on this email. no one else that you know or hang out with regularly or work with has been included. you are special (vomit vomit).

    here are the secret codes.

    for a latte: excuse me, i am a little itchy. i was wondering if you have any anti-fungal cream

    for a cappuccino: hi, ive been lonely for a really long time. would you mind giving me a little comforting

    for a flat white: do you have any magazines about back hair removal

    you and anyone else can use this code as often as you like until friday the 10th. you are free to pass this on to as many people as you want by email or orally. or pass it on to no one. choice is yours.

    have fun we are.

    sahil merchant

    chief magazineologist

    mag nation

    +613 9663 7290