Cavallini 354 Queens Pde, Clifton Hill.

I have a client who runs an international business out of her home office in Clifton Hill. She had just returned from Asia and asked that we meet near her place at a coffee shop. She nominated Cavallini. I arrived a little ahead of schedule, got a ark right out front, and spent some time looking for an ATM. I know Clifton Hill from my youth. Its a lovely part of the world and looks amazing in autumn and winter. I did not have an opinion regarding its coffee scene. I never had the pleasure. Well pleasure it was, as I entered into Cavallini, and secured a table. This place had an Italian village atmosphere, and is ideal if you write poetry, movie scripts or have a panache for sweets and fine Italian chocolate.
It was after 3pm, my no go coffee time, so I asked if they did a hot chocolate. Boy was that a silly question. I was served up a cup of a smooth, hot very thick chocolate drink that was so decadent, I felt a pang of guilt. It was beautiful, delightful, inspirational, and potentially illegal in many countries.
When my client arrived, she opted into the same beverage, and she was too delighted. I also got some scuttlebutt on some rivalry between this place and Degani(?) a few doors down. Competition is a good thing I have to say. I loved the place, but no beans as I didnt have a coffee.

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7 Responses to “Cavallini 354 Queens Pde, Clifton Hill.”

  1. Maureen says:

    I had stopped going to Clifton Hill for “morning tea” since there was no where that made an a decent cup of TEA. I was informed about this cute little cafe called CAVALLINI’s, and assured I would not be disappointed. I walked in and exclaimed, “I’m home!” Tea 2 teas served in pots at just the right strength by Toby – the Master Barista. The best croissants outside of Paris, the most true french Mousse cakes – the lightness of summer clouds and the sweetness of honeysuckle nectar in spring, with the best chocolate and spices found anywhere in Melbourne. The cakes are definitely occassion cakes for birthdays, tea parties or anything that deserves a clebration. But best of all you can try them by the slice with your tea/coffee. If that is not enough – your hosts, Natalie and Roberto will make you feel like a long lost family member very quickly… I said – I’m home!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just moved away, and have been missing Gabriella and Toby’s great coffee. When things are not too busy, some of the best coffee in Melbourne without question. And as someone who has lived in Paris, the pain au chocolat is up there with some of the best I’ve eaten, especially early morning when the cchocolate is still a little warm.

  3. David says:

    I have been frequenting this cafe in a variety of incarnations over the years, most of them good, but it has really reached the pinnacle as Cavallini. The coffee, the food, the atmosphere and the staff – all wonderful.

    I endorse wholeheartedly all of the positive comments above but must add that the olive bread is absolutely to die for but, get there early, because it vanishes pretty quickly!!!

    Roberto, sei proprio un mago!! (Robert (the owner) you are truly a magician!!)

  4. D says:

    Those pictures don’t really do the store’s quaintness justice, but it’s nonetheless an authentic pasticceria, minus the airfaires to Italy.
    A great mix of artful cakes, sweets and biscuits alongside delicious panini, arancini and pizza by the slice, like you’d find in any good corner-pizzeria in Rome.
    As the person before me mentioned, the ricotta canoli make Sicilian Nonnas raise an eyebrow, that’s how good they are.

    If you’ve been to europe, and are (like myself) forever craving the quality of food they enjoy on a daily basis over there, Cavallini will ease your pain. 😉

  5. Anonymous says:

    Coffee varies but they do have a couple of great baristas who deliver every time. Wonderful ricotta cannoli made by a true Sicilian who knows his stuff. Best cannoli in Melbourne, hands down.

  6. Anonymous says:

    yes degani did dominate the strip before cavallini arrived in town.

    but cavallini has changed my life! great coffee (every time). amazing food – italian sausage panini on saturdays! and personal service. what more does one ask for!

  7. lenny says:

    Yeah, there sure is a nice rivalry between the two, however they are very different and i go to each based on mood.
    In regards to coffee, Degani had the strip nailed for a while but Cavallini came in and took over, as the coffee is so much better.
    I’m a big fan of Bonsoy and these guys deliver every time… I would have to say my favourite flat white on the parade.