Monmouth Coffee, Monmouth St Soho and Borough Markets, London

Ask any coffee lover in London where to find a good espresso, and the top of the list will probably be Monmouth. When I moved to London, I was caffeine-deprived for 3 months until I made a weekend shopping trip to the Borough Markets shortly before Christmas 2005 (needless to say, I’d excluded a few bad lattes at the chains from my coffee count). If any of you Melburnians make the trip to London, it should be your first stop after Heathrow.

There are two Monmouth stores in London: Soho (Monmouth St, WC2, and Borough Markets, SE1). Both sell the beans, provide seating to enjoy the coffee in the store, and a few chocolates and savoury pastries for a light lunch.

The barista at Soho (a Sydney-sider coincidentally – us Aussies are taking over the world) explained there are two key things which make Monmouth as legendary as it is: the quality of the beans and the milk.

They have chosen to use organic full cream Jersey milk (much to the disappointment of my friend, who asked for a skim latte, and for myself as a soy drinker – there was no chance). Some purists would argue that full cream milk masks the taste of the coffee, however it adds a distinctive creaminess to their lattes and cappucinos.

The espresso blend uses beans from South/Central America (Brazil, Columbia, Guatemala) for a full body, and India for sweetness. Monmouth also operates directly with co-ops to provide a good deal for farmers in the regions (similar to Fairtrade).

The espresso has a pleasant aftertaste, and for any similarly coffee-deprived souls in London, if you’re making the trek to either store I’d recommend getting both an espresso and a latte – take the time to savour the pride that goes into making this cup, because as we know it’s hard to come by a coffee this good anywhere within the M25.

Has to be a 3 beaner.

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5 Responses to “Monmouth Coffee, Monmouth St Soho and Borough Markets, London”

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  2. Gezlarge says:

    You guys really need to check out the Flat White Cafe in Berwick St – knocks the socks off the Monmouth Coffee, even though they use the same coffee! Monmouth supply the stuff to them but their product is so much better. The short black has notes of acidity and a beautiful crema. The place is run by Aussies and Kiwis so you should all feel at home.

  3. Alastair says:

    Is that the one with loads of ‘drip’ thingys?

  4. elliot rubinstein says:

    I would find it extremely helpful if you had an alphabetical index of your venues

  5. DonkeyBlog says:

    Yep, Monmouth, that was the one I meant. See?