A Greek island frappe

Okay, so today we are breaking away from the usual espresso reviews for something a little off the wall, and – frankly – surprising considering the key ingredient employed (I’ll get to that).

I went on holiday to Greece recently and arrived on Santorini after a red eye flight from London. I must have looked as tired and hot as I felt, as the first thing the hotelier did as I checked in at 6.30am was make me a frappe.

Out came an icy, sweet, blended coffee which quickly became my regular coffee for the entire ten day holiday. It was delicious and when I asked to see the coffee they used to make it, out came the trusty super size tin of Nescafe. It’s just 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee, sugar to taste, half a cup of milk and ice. Blend until smooth.

For the record, MCR NEVER advocates the use of instant coffee. It’s the post-mix equivalent of Coca Cola and defies this site’s raison d’etre. Any jars found in the pantries of MCR members will be confiscated and destroyed without notice. Unless, of course, it’s the height of summer on a Greek island beach (or Elwood beach) and an icy coffee is the only thing that will do.

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