Celebrate Good Times!

Good news everyone!

The originator of all things evil and corrupt, the dark lord of the bean has finally decided to leave our fair shores, and good riddance!

You all know what I mean, the source of endless frustration and disappointment, STARBUCKS, has pulled the pin on most of its Australian stores. YIPPEE!!!!

Melbourne Coffee Review is proud to let you all know that it has no and has never had any affiliation with this behemoth, this pathetic excuse for a coffee chain.

Lets hope one of the local players will take the reins and do what PEET’s has done so well, for so long over in the US.

It’s not about bells and whistles people, its not about umbrellas and wind-breaks, its about the coffee, the passionate preperation of the devil’s cup to be served to the masses, the tireless and passionate journey that coffee can take you on, make no mistake, this fraud, this charlatan has exploited the masses for long enough, GOOD RIDDANCE!

At Melbourne Coffee Review it’s all about the bean the whole bean and nothing but the bean!
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10 Responses to “Celebrate Good Times!”

  1. Serhan says:

    Not too sure what the go is, but I wouldnt mind getting my hands on some of that equipment, particularly the touch screen ordering items and the printers they use. It would make a great addition to my cafe to further improve the speed of our service.

  2. Anonymous says:


    did anybody hear or can anyone confirm the rumour that since the starbucks closure, the management are destroying ALL of the equipment, taking to it with sledgehammers.
    Its sound INSANE, but so typically AMERICAN!!!
    Anyone heard anything on this????

  3. Steve AGI says:

    heys guys
    Seems I have ruffled afew featers, I do apologise but I was just caught up in the caffeined fuelled moment. Sad about all the jobs lost, maybe someone can step in and snap up all those empty sites and really do something special when it comes to coffee chains, like PEET’s over in the states
    This closure just illustrates that its not always about money and profits, sometimes we need to be passionate about what we do in order to do it well, and therefore survive

  4. Ophelia Mhindge says:

    Oh dear god.

    Look, if you find the ‘bucks so frustrating, disappointing, evil and corrupt, then maybe… here’s an idea… you go somewhere else.

    There is room in the world for chains and one-off shops alike. With Starbucks you know pretty much what you’re getting, whether you’re at your local branch or in a strange city in a strange country.

    By all means, go and source your organic, ethically-sound, Fairtrade, gluten-free, low-fat, Coldplay-listening, anti-capitalist Beninois Coffea Robusta from your little independent beardie hippy man. But lose the condescending skip in your step as you pass the queue into Starbucks, scoffing at the proles and their Grande Corporate-accinos.

    For more information, please see http://farm1.static.flickr.com/25/100119387_149258d7ab.jpg?v=0

  5. Peter Christo says:

    Sorry, must have been over cafeened… of course I am sorry people lose their Jobs, but, no doubt good people will not struggle to get jobs.

  6. Happy Dude says:


    You mean you ARE sorry “some good people lose their jobs”, don’t you?

    Just found this site and thought I’d weigh in….

    I’m no Starbucks fan either but this is in no way the good news that is being proclaimed here.

    It’s easy to avoid drinking the coffee, so why the joy? Is it because it’s American? Are their bean sources not PC enough? Do they squeeze out the little operator?

    I’ve had, on occasion, worse coffees at places recommended here. Plus, there’s now less free wifi spots around.

    OT (Ist post remember) but consistency is the biggest problem I reckon. Closely followed by finding a good coffee shop open late (after a show/movie for example)…

    Good site.

  7. Steve AGI says:

    Hey ed
    thanks for that, any fav cafes you want me to go and take a peek at??
    always up for a good espresso!
    thanks mate

  8. Anonymous says:

    Peet’s are what coffee chains should aim for, this is a wake up call to you! you know who you are, be true to the bean or you will go down in flames…..

  9. Peter Christo says:

    Personally, its a bit bitter sweet. Certainly I am not a fan of the coffee, mind you in 1996/7 they were a God sent in San Fran, until I discovered Peets. The lounges and even the hot chocolates for a while were ok. They had little chance of doing it well in Melbourne however. I am not sorry some good people lose their jobs, but maybe some of the cafe’s can learn the art of friendly service from them now.


  10. Ed says:

    YAY! finally. I really hate Starbucks. So much good coffee in Melbourne, there is no need for the piss poor crap that Starbucks serves. Good Riddance!