201 Smith St
Fitzroy VIC 3065
“Tim’s Mum’s SOUP”, what the hell, I thought?!?!
Gotta try this one, as I strolled down the funky end of Smith St.
As I entered, all I could think of was olde English row home, students, hippies, punks, you get the picture.
Very 80’s, very relaxed, very cool!
My order of a ristretto was no problem for the cool barista, respect!
Out it came, promptly, along with a latte for my bro, which looked incredible, dense, with well textured milk, subtlety etched with umber tones of the rising 30mls of espresso.
Jaspers do an amazing roast, flat out, and it was quite clear that the union between bean, man and machine was working well here, they worked in harmonious unison to prepare and serve the devils cup as it should be, aromatic, acidic, intense and viscous, a journey in the words of St. Bruno of C4 fame!
Then it happened! I went to the little boy’s room, way upstairs and on the wall….on the wall….well a picture tells a thousand words!
A quote from the iconic 80’s show, “the Young Ones”
And my favorite quote ever, care of Neil!
Thank you Tim, thank you Tim’s mum for a delicious bowl of Soup, thank you Kent St for being another hotshot coffee spot in Melbourne!
2 beans!
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Coffee: Jaspers

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2 Responses to “KENT ST”

  1. Steve AGI says:

    no problems, my pleasure dude/dudette, do you have any fav’s of your own you want the caf-fiend to go and check out

  2. Anonymous says:

    awsome recommendation! This is place ain’t heavy, it’s cool as…best coffee I’ve had in ages, thanks MCR for the hot-tip!!