August 28, 2008

Short Black Esspresso Bar, 87 Hindley Street, Adelaide.

I ventured back to the scene of many crimes back in the 90's. If you don't know Adelaide, Hindley Street is not a place for the feint of heart after 10pm. I was just in Adelaide town on business and the gang and I were after some breakfast. We appreared at the King William end of the afore said street and started our way down. My colleagues, oblivious to the infamous reputation of this place, wandered down with ease. I needed a coffee! We finally chose Short Black Espresso. It was inviting and looked like they could make a coffee,.. don't ask me how I know....

The guy at the helm, was clearly busy.. we finally ordered our feast and I gingerly asked for my cuppa joe!.. I was not disappointed,.. the coffee, while a little too cool for my liking was flavoursome, and creamy. There was a little bitterness but hey.. we are in Hindly Street. At the risk of being thrashed next time I am there, I like this place and would visit again... I took a poll with my gang and we came to a conclusion that this was a solid 1 beaner with high prospects for two. Well done guys.

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