Espresso Mobile

(A café on wheels)
Mobile: 0438578008
Ok Team caffeine, here’s one just a little bit left of centre….right out of the box!!
Mobile Coffee Van’s, a new and emerging trend, love them or hate them, they are slowly becoming more and more popular, and I think I’ve found one that seems to be doing things quite well.
Richard Archer runs the Port/South Melbourne end of the business and drives around alerting fellow caffiends by tooting his air horns, like the old Dukes of Hazard charger…
Rocking up unannounced I ordered a ristretto. Hoping he knew what that was, he did! Hoping he would extract it nice and short, I was not disappointed, it was rich and caramelly, a dense crema which revealed a complex and sweet nectar.
I had a piccolo café latte as a chaser and that too was lovely, although the milk was a tad overheated, but hey, this guy works out of the back of a van, let’s give him a break….
He brings QUALITY coffee to your office or workplace and tries his best to present you with a perfect coffee each and every time, no matter the circumstances.
Well done Espresso Mobile for staying true to the bean and presenting a quality product where there is so much room for mediocrity and compromise, a solid ONE BEAN and an invite to join the ever growing HOTSHOT ranks as the FIRST mobile espresso café….Keep on caffeining on.

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