Guava Bean

Shop 18r
FreshWater Place
Southbank VIC 3006
Well firstly let me say, it was not a bum steer by one of MCR’s caffiends who told me about this place, and I thank them, whoever it may have bean!
The Caffiend was both surprised and PLEASED!
Guys, you have to go check this place out, just behind Southbank, you cant miss it, it has a bright lime-green La Mazzorca out front for the whole world to see, it’s amazing!!!
So who knows what a guava bean is?
Anyone, Anyone……
To me it means the perfect amalgam of angelically fresh and healthy juice and the devilishly delicious nectar of the underworld. The ying and the yang of beverages, so to speak…. I could be wrong, maybe it’s not all about depth and meaning, anyway this place was all about coffee, serious coffee too guys!
The boys mean business and it shows with every carefully prepared oblation of the Devil’s Cup.
My espresso was covered in a dense crema concealing a citrusy and complex drop that had both depth and plenty of dimension, while my flat white was smooth and velvety, perfect temperature with Veneziano’s finest adequately cutting its way through the milk.
Truly superb, another stand out café amongst so much mediocrity.
Go down and say G’day, well and truly on their way to being recognized as one of Melbourne’s best on MCR’s invitation only HOTSHOT café listings.
Two beans here and true royalty when it comes to Melbourne’s Café scene…
Until next time, keep on caffeining on!

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Coffee: Veneziano

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2 Responses to “Guava Bean”

  1. Steve AGI says:

    Hey Seong-Lee, I can see that you guys are really caffiene-fuelled, you really rock!!!
    I hope you will join our HOTSHOT listing, it includes only the best of the best that Melbourne has to offer, which definately includes YOU!!!
    Call me if you want more info or wish to discuss



  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey steve, thanks for the great review. coffee is our life, so it’s great to know that it’s appreciated!
    Another couple of cafes to check out (if you haven’t already) is Primary (Parkville) and Liar Liar (Hawthorn). Exceptional coffee, every time.