133 Melbourne Street, North Adelaide SA 5006


A stone’s throw north of the city lays Melbourne St.  And although the name of the street would suggest some fantastic coffee to be had (and the street easily has enough cafe’s to accomodate for this), unfortunately it’s actually quite hard to find something worthwhile to wrap your pallate around.

With the exception of the case in point, Cikolatte.  Owned by a passionate couple you instantly feel a part of the business with their warm welcoming and great hospitality.  The decore is clean, comfortable, funky and functional.  They really manage to use their space well, fitting quite a few tables and chairs into a relitively small space, without cluttering the space, or making you feel cramped by the other tables around you.

Straight up I ordered an espresso which was presented promptly.  Rich crema, dense chocolately flavour and good length to it.  I followed this up with a flat white which came out quickly again.  Well textured and well made.  The creamy texture of the milk gave way to lavish coffee flavour which really hugged your mouth and seemed to sit around for quite some time to follow.

I chased this with Turkish Coffee, which was a real treat.  Served in traditional demtasse, this thick, rich coffee was presented beautifully and the flavour was just subperb.

I was in a bit of a hurry so I didn’t have time to grab anything to eat, but I must make mention of their fantastic selection of hand made truffles.  1 very solid bean here, and I’ll definately be back again next time I’m up this neck of the woods


Coffee: Kikko

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