207 Blackburn Rd

Mt Waverley   VIC   3149





It’s time for the CaFFiend to head out to the burbs again, way out, GPSville, guys…..in search for Espresso Nirvana, to report the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

What a place, it was clear potential at first sight! Well appointed, clean and tidy, friendly staff, prompt service, EXCELLENT!!

I took a seat, ordered an espresso and waited to see if this place was gonna live up to the expectation that it had created , at first sight.

Upon arrival it looked a bit overextracted, it was, it smelt just a tad burnt, it was, it seemed a bit watery and lipid, sadly it was. The proof was in the cup and as far as espressos go, honestly, I’ve had better.

I ordered a café latte to see how it went with milk and this time it was better. The milk was well textured, the extraction tasted deliciously chocolaty as it effortlessly cut through the milk, and overall the experience was adequate. I felt like going for thirds, but decided against it, this time. As far as suburban cafes go these guys are doing some great things, a real buzzing vibe, modestly priced, friendly and clean. As far as coffee goes, the CaFFiend gives them a single bean for now, and just barely, and a promise that I’ll be back at some stage to re-review and see if the koffee @ KARIZMA is worth travelling for 😉

Till next time………………..Keep on caffeining on!!!


Coffee: DUCALE

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