Min Lokal


422 George Street, Fitzroy

It was suggested to me to try out Min Lokal in Fitzroy. As I stepped into the premises I automatically felt relaxed, the decor is set up as if youíre at your Grandma’s house with 2 long tables to seat the whole family, really felt at home! Great vibe!

I immediately could tell that I had quite a good chance of being served a nice drop, by the looks of the expertise from the barista! I couldnít wait to get some caffeine into my poorly deprived un-caffeined body (lol!)Ö. As Min Lokal is a cosy place I over heard that the guy making the coffee was the owner Tim. Well soon after Tim served me with a lovely smile and† such unpretentious customer service! I ordered a Ristretto, which came to me with such density and the aroma was so fresh. Well it went down almost without a trace, I had to have more, but this time I ordered some food, was only coming to try out the coffee but couldnít help myself, I ordered some lunch, the menu just looked too good not to try out. But as I was waiting for my lunch to arrive I ordered another coffee, but this time a Caffe Latte. Just as it arrived I was almost certain that it was going to taste as good as it looked! I am very happy to say that it was well worth coming to Fitzroy.

I am jealous that I donít live a little closer, would be here every morning, because that was well worth any effort. The mix of espresso and silky smooth milk was well balanced. A slight lingering chocolate taste left my approved taste buds jumping with Joy. Well done Tim, you made the coffee that made my day!

Oh, and by the way my lunch was delicious!

Min Lokal 3 Solid beans for you!

Coffee: Supreme Coffee

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3 Responses to “Min Lokal”

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  2. paul mcarthur says:

    Using MCR as my bible as usual, I sought out this little place and drove by it twice thinking it was a house.I ordered a latte and only after it arrived, I told Tim that I was there on the recommendation of MCR.We then had a chat about the finer points of coffee and he explained to me what a Ristretto was ! I enjoyed my latte so much that I promptly ordered breakfast and another coffee.
    This is a really great place and everyone is greeted like an old friend.
    This will be on my coffee map the next time I visit the dark side (North of the Yarra.)

  3. Vaughan says:

    Some places you can just tell there will be nice coffee- my own “coffee radar” is rarely wrong. I’ll have to try this place and hope Tim’s there!