Café Ciliegio

Cnr Montague St & Kerferd Rd

Albert Park   VIC   3206




The literal translation of the Italian word, ‘Ciliegio’ is cherry, so I strolled in hopeful that this place would be all about the venerable coffee cherry, the source of all that is good and pure in this otherwise corrupt and despicable world!

Nuova Simonelli! WOW! WOW! WOW!

Say it with me………………..

What a sight on the counter, an obvious indication that these were some serious caffeine fuelled individuals, otherwise why would you even bother.

The former, KERFERD ROAD DELI, has had a complete transformation, since the new owners took over a few months ago, well almost complete, the coffee is still the same brand, and hopefully the quality will be taken up a notch or two, given the passion Frankie and his team bring to the game!

I order a ristretto and sit delicately positioned behind the machine on the communal table, watching the extraction. Pure bliss, absolutely spot on! This is coffee porn guys……..hardcore stuff!

As the extraction is cut short by the skilled barista whose trained eye never loses sight of my beverage,

I anticipate what’s in store, and I am not disappointed. A floral bouquet on the nose, a caramelly introduction, a seductive chocolaty coating of my tongue, an interestingly fruity finish, an overall delight, complete in all its glory!

I follow it up with a café latte and delight in watching this guy work, so skilled, so methodical, so focused. A real winner. The Lamborghini beans, effortlessly cutting through the milk, effortlessly, while the flavors in the cup are just heavenly on the palate.

An overall winner, with great ambience, delightful décor, a decadently decent menu, friendly service and coffee worth a BIG 2 beans on the CaFFiend’s hit list: truly some HOTSHOT potential here guys!

Go down say g’day, check out the reno and grab a cup of Albert Park’s finest.


Till next time……………………Keep on caffeining on!!!



Coffee: Tonino Lamborghini

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