Michel’s Patisserie


The Pines Shopping Centre, East Doncaster


Over many occasions I have been told to try out the coffee from Michel’s at The Pines in East Doncaster. For me obviously this would be a place to buy cakes, wouldn’t have considered buying a coffee from them. No offence, but the basis of the business, is cakes. Although I have noticed they certainly have a following here!

A friend of mine bought me a coffee from these guys and if it wasn’t for their business logo I would have thought it was from somewhere else. The coffee was good enough for me to return, and I have been back on numerous occasions ordering my Caffe Latte’s. The coffee is always consistent!  Good temperature, the combined espresso and milk is always a pleasurable mouthful.

The owners are a husband and wife team who work hard 7 days a week, and let me tell you, that I have never seen owners more committed to pleasing their customers the way these guys do! The husband is the Barista at this place and he runs that coffee machine as if it was attached to his body!

I sincerely think that these guys deserve 1 Bean, and this review is for the hard work the owners and staff put in and not about the name of the business.

Keep up the good work.


Coffee – Michel’s Espresso


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