Coffee Republic, 125 & 137 Brisbane St Launceston TAS.

300420091429 A cold Launceston morning is no place to be without good coffee and a warm place to drink it I say. Coffee Republic does good coffee, the service was good, the coffee we of a good quality but only as a take away, unless I wanted to compare i-Pods with a doz or so copiously peirced teens hanging out front. No thanks. BUT, certainly as a rush in rush out takeaway brew,m this place rocked. Thankyou Launnie!

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One Response to “Coffee Republic, 125 & 137 Brisbane St Launceston TAS.”

  1. Humphrey says:

    As a Launceston-ian I agree.

    As fair as “drinkable” coffee in this city, Coffee Republic is definitely in the top few places. However, as the Launceston mall is usually cold, out of the sun, and smells like cigarette smoke I don’t go here for coffee often. When I do it’s when I need a fix and it’s the end of my lunch break so that I can drink the coffee-goodness in my warm and quite office :-)

    I was excited to hear that the guy who runs this has recently bought a cafe a couple of blocks from the mall, and has couches etc in a history building. I’ve only been there once, but unfortunately the coffee wasn’t any good :-( However, I’ve only been there once so I should check it out again soon.