33 West Coast Drive,

Watermans Bay 6020

Hours: 6am daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner

This is the third of my series on northern coastal cafes from Trigg to Sorrento.

Located on picturesque West Coast Drive overlooking the Indian Ocean with views to Rottnest Island and beyond the Fig is a popular cafe with tables at a premium .

I was lucky to score a table as the place was packed with diners enjoying the great food and views in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.

The menu has a great choice of meals produced with fresh local ingredients and a cake cabinet to die for. The meals going out to eager customers looked oh so inviting.

On Tuesday night they have a curry night, Wednesday is vegan feast night. Friday and Sunday are live music evenings.

Wireless wi-fi is available free for people wanting to browse while they dine or busy business people having a working lunch.


I settled at my table and ordered an espresso, on arrival it looked tempting with lovely rich golden/brown crema, temperature was ideal, first sip revealed a rich smooth texture with good body and choc/fruit notes, it was almost sweet with no bitterness and left a lingering  rich cocoa taste on the roof of my mouth.

After sipping on a water I ordered a flat white which didn’t take long to arrive, it had lovely silky microfoam, no artwork but still looked the goods and was  an ideal temperature.

The milk gave it a natural sweetness with creamy choc/caramel notes making for a very smooth cup that most people would enjoy, all up a very pleasant taste experience.

Wega 4 group

Beans by Caffe Landucci 100% Fairtrade

Great location, amazing ocean views, great food and good coffee, one bean awarded to this great seaside cafe.

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One Response to “WILD FIG CAFE”

  1. bevan says:

    We tried them for espresso recently. Nice, nice people however; the cup was well overheated to the point where it burned our lips when sipping. Note the cafe was quiet at this time. The espresso itself was watery and there were very strong unbalanced over bitter notes from over extraction in the coffee. As espresso is the base for milk drinks we didn’t bother with our lattes as a result. It’s a shame, it was a bad as a Dome. However, really nice people, “cafe people”. No beans here – the one bean really should be for a professionally prepared cup as a minimum. This wasn’t unfortunately.