Proud Mary

 172 Oxford St

Collingwood VIC 3066





Big wheel keep on turnin…..Nolan keep on burnin: Rollin on with a SIX group SYNESSO! What the ?!?!?!


Let me just say you gotta see this thing to believe it, 6 groups of espresso excitement, commandeered by the one and only Nolan of Liar Liar fame.


This is quite the caffeine destination, a real espresso extravaganza! So much to sample, to ry, to taste, to sip, to pour, to partake of, I felt like a kid in a lolly shop.


Nolan’s obvious skill and passion is not only matched by his eccentricity and clear vision, but judging by what he’s managed to achieve with PROUD MARY he has outdone himself and created a whole new concept in cafes a clear winner, from the Syphon bar, to the turntables, the sample roaster to the multiple grinders and even the custom built knock box!


You’ve gotta go down and check it out!


The coffee must be tasted to be believed, faultless, delightful an amazing addition to this city’s vibrant, dynamic and totally unique cafe scene. A definite 3 BEAN destination and one of the city’s finest, make no mistake you will keep going back for more as long as Nolan keeps ’em coming.


A great place to enjoy a delightful meal too, the quality right across the board was superb, the attention to detail reassuring the vibe, eclectic and exciting!


Go down and say g’day to Nolan and the team at PROUD MARY, tell em the CaFFiend sent you and keep on caffeining on!!





Coffee: 5 Senses


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3 Responses to “Proud Mary”

  1. Nathan says:

    For those tea lovers out there I hear that the tea offering is pretty darned good too ;o)

  2. Vivien says:

    Went here this morning and the review is right on! We ordered a couple of salads – a beetroot and goats cheese and an Asian duck salad. Both really fresh, well-presented and delicious. My husband also had a mango granita (well we both did!) – it was a bit more like a soft gelati but really good. Even with the jugs of water – one had mint, one had lemon slices and one with orange slices. Only problem was that they were so big it was hard to pour. And the coffee – I had a house blend cafe latte – one of the best I’ve tasted – just the right strength, caramelly, and a great consistency. My husband had a syphon coffee, which I sampled as I’ve never had one before. It’s a fascinating process to watch, but I have to say it was a bit thin for my likings, I prefer somthing with a bit more guts.
    We’re very fortunate as we live within a pleasant walking distance, so we’ll definitely be back. My only fear is that it will get too popular and hard to get in to.
    Well done Proud Mary.

  3. trevor says:

    I’m planning a trip to Melbourne next March, another one to add to my ever-increasing list, it’s going to be a highly caffeinated trip!!!