July 28, 2010

Bent Espresso

Address: Shop 1, 385 Centre Rd Bentliegh VIC. Bent1

bent2 My finger hovers above the keyboard,.. and the lady next to me says "..oh my god, I'm just having a moment.. this coffee is amazing!" enough said. Her little princesses proceeded to devour the baby chinos. I agree,.. this is a great little place and has been smashing it votes wise. They are definitely a contender for the the top 100 which should be out in early November. Behold a capable and efficient female Barista fly's the Wega, and note that the centre of the coffee universe in Melbourne is painted on the wall. The coffee was deep rich and flavoursome, it was delivered at the right temperature and had a lovely and after taste. Guys, get here, check Bent Espresso out and vote for this place. 2 Big Beans.

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