Omar And The Marvellous Coffee Bird

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This morning was filled with the usual flurry of ‘get out the door’ activity that is associated with a normal Wednesday. Thankfully, it was Helen’s turn to do the drop off and so, I navigated my way through the haze of rain and traffic up Nepean Hwy to this place! This place, appeared on our nominate a cafe form a few weeks ago, and I had heard from my spies that it was good,.. great in fact.

I had to work for it, Gardenvale Rd is awash with construction equipment at the moment so I found myself in the back streets finding this place to park by braille.

Ok,.. so I entered into what must be one of the most interesting (nice interesting), clean, unique and spacious places I have seen serving coffee. The guy behind the counter greeted me instantly (More on him later), which is always a positive sign,.. this guy loves his job.

I ordered my standard, and was asked if I would like the Yemeni bean, well ok I said.. and soon was delivered a delicious, thick and oily coffee that was bliss… really…I am topping up with water at the moment and my palette is still having a party.

So, this is a no brainer… I am maxing the rating here, if I could give more I would,.. Stop whatever you are doing and head down to this place,.. if this doesn’t make our top 100, I’ll choose another profession.

Here is another interesting thing.. I intentionally blew my cover (post coffee experience) and found that Andy, one of the owners wrote for MCR years ago, 2006 I believe… he was a passionate and diligent reviewer, but we just lost touch and I didn’t know where he was… he has followed his bliss and created a most excellent coffee place. If you think, that’s the reason I have raved about this place, you could not be more wrong!

Congrats guys, you have set a new standard!

PS: yes, I asked the question re the name… you’ll have to visit to find out!

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