Strand Espresso

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Even the most comfortable shoes cannot always keep up with the frenzy of Christmas shopping.  That is why I was so happy to see an old friend on my mad dash through town.  Strand Espresso has been steadily fueling Sydney tourists and shoppers for 7 or 8 years now with their consistently good service, coffee, and food.  This place is always a bit of a bustle, but nonetheless, a smiling waiter seated me quickly.  My skim-flat-white came filled to the brim at a perfect temperature.  This particular coffee had a very notable earthy first note before smoothing out in flavour.  I was not a fan of the taste, but this could have just been the Emerald blend of Danesi that they were using that day.  I have had coffees here before without that specific flavour.

The staff is friendly and efficient. The cafe menu is extremely good for such a small kitchen, and inside they have gourmet odds and ends to round out your pantry.  Sitting with a coffee here in a beautiful Victorian-era arcade doesn’t have to be a break in shopping; it could be a destination unto itself!

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