October 10, 2011

Street Talk Cafe

Vote for this Cafe!   The word on the street is that if you're heading along the High Street in Armadale you better stop for a coffee at Street Talk Cafe. So, that's just what I did. I pulled up a spot in the morning sun and spread out over a massive dining table to enjoy my morning coffee. What a treat. A genuine and relaxed environment with sweet customer service and a nice place to spend some valuable down time. Street Talk Cafe uses a Vittoria arabica blend served promptly with a smile, what more can you ask for? A strong espresso that dances on your taste buds? Certainly, you wont need to ask for it here, the word on the street is true my friends! My Barista is serving up a strong golden espresso topped with well textured milk any which way you like it. Pull over and grab a coffee, its sure to satisfy your caffeine craving and give you the chance to flick through a mag, read the paper, get some work done or chill out at start street talking yourself! You'll feel like a local by the time you leave.

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