Oh Errol.. I would give anything for a good coffee

Happy new year Melbourne, Australia and Planet Earth. I had a coffee booked with my besty this morning at the top part of town. He was complaining about no good coffee shops being around his work, and I thought, “how can this be?”. He is running late so I thought I’d poke around. I first hit home Barista Institute,.. nada. It was closed, and looks like they are doing a reno, with a name change (open on 7th). Then I thought, Di Bella, up in Nth Melb, just 300 Metres.. Nup, same, closed up tight. I love this time of year, but for coffee crazies its tough. I spun the car around the corner and hit Errol Street. There was one I had noticed on the app but had no data on a cafe called Tramezzini, Closed. Damn. I opted for Errol’s. I would stay away from this type of place normally unless I was looking for a pizza or I was en route to Adelaide by car. It was funny; as I entered, there were about 7 blokes (men) standing around waiting for their coffees like sea gulls waiting for fries at the beach. I sat, I ordered, what the else could I do, mans gotta have his coffee first thing, you know it. They took my order and soon enough had my double shot with water on side (I have gone away from Macchiato’s). They use Atomica,.. it was I have to say a respectable coffee. It was well pulled, temp was right on and the coffee taste was strong and flavorsome. No major bitterness or bad barista work.

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