February 8, 2013

Home Barista, the real deal!

So last weekend I did what many parents do, I took my 6 yearold boy to a birthday party. I didn’t drop him off and dash to a café, I chose to stay a, because he waned me to, and b, because there was a pool and I just needed to know he was ok. What surprised me was that the parents that opted to do the same were a delightful bunch I really hadn’t had the opportunity in the past to know. I mean, genuinely lovely people, all of who have kids at the same school, including the hilarious MC Extraordinaire Andrew Gill , but he doesn’t drink coffee,.. what the? Of course the discussion lead to ‘so what do you do?’ and when I mentioned coffee, it was on. The conversation (I am a big culprit here) flowed into café’s, the coffee scene in Melbourne, the MCR Journey and on it went. Then the big question came, would you like a coffee. I generally shy away from this, fearing I would offend. I got talking to Craig, the host (along with his delightful wife Felicity) and discovered a long, and very passionate commitment to great coffee AT HOME! I guess it made sense. With kids we invest more in our home because we spend more time there etc. Then, you could have pushed me over with a coffee bean, noticed he owned the exact same coffee machine as I, the Rocket Giotto, along with (and I don’t have one of these now, but have had), the Mazza Mini. Bloody hell I say,.. “sure I’ll have a coffee”… after a few try’s, I had delivered a delightful double shot espresso, beans sources from Espresso Elements. Calum and his dudes still have it. Well done Craig, you are the real deal mate! Andrew Gill, it’s a good thing you don’t drink coffee. You don’t need the rush mate,.. love your work!

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