1000 £ Bend

361 Lt Lonsdale Street, Melb.

It’s astounding that Melbourne can still surprise me with its amazing coffee and space culture.  Of course we all love the little back alleys with graffiti art, but what about those old dilapidated warehouses?  Seriously, 1000 £ Bend is a coffee space and event area that oozes relax and chill baby,…  Look, the coffee is decent, the service is nonchalant, and the coffee area is reminiscent of my parents home in 1973 in Collingwood, including that dark haired beauty leaning agains the tree.

As we enter the colder daze, where misty mornings, and dark grey clouds become part of our lives, we look for warm places to enjoy decent coffee.

If you are looking for an inviting place, check this out Melbourne Coffee Lovers.

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