Chapter Too

110 Canterbury Rd, Heathmont VIC.

The quality is spreading like spilled coffee nectar into the outer suburbs of Melbourne.  Say hello to Chapter Too,..  three suits decided to abandon the cubical life and have a crack.    I’m here for the coffee, so food will have to rely on your own experience.

My take was a lovely, well made, earthy and buttery coffee delivered post haste.  The service was great, the team friendly and attentive.  They have wireless here but alas today it was on blink.  If you are near by this is a must visit,.. say hi from us…  2 big beans.



This got me thinking, are you thinking about setting up a coffee shop?

Is there anyone still in the corporate space,.. or is it just that the lights are on?   My impression is that more and more corporate types are leaving the relative security (or maybe not) of the corporate world and setting up cafes or restaurants.  

They are buying them, operationalising them using their corporate skills then 6 to 12 months latter going back into the corporate world with another asset on the personal balance sheet.  It must make for a different feeling should redundancies and restructures occur.

MCR is on the hunt for people to interview for our next article on this phenomenon.  If you are a corporate worker, and are looking to buy or establish a café or restaurant, or in fact have already done it, we want to ask you a few questions.   If you have a mo, please fill out this survey, and we might be calling you for an interview!






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