Picollo Espresso

Natalie and Bridget, two sisters who have passion in their eyes and fire in their heart run this place.  This is not a manufactured koolesque cafe, this is the real deal,.. lovers of coffee come here as an oasis from the drudge of urban dayze.  The coffee here is Campos.  MCR loves Campos. Simply, the guys do a great coffee, the team here takes it up a notch and all is well in the world.

This morning I braved the freeze and rain, with only my scarf and the promise of a good coffee to greet me and kick off the day.  I think I am not alone when I say many of us rely on the baristas to do their job superbly so that we can do ours.  Its that time of the year when the grey days of Melbourne are plashed with the vibrant smell of freshly extracted coffee.

Enjoy my friends.





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