Is anyone asking cafe owners what they think?

I read an interesting article on how a bakery is using tech to drive growth and revenues in their business (here it is if you are interested).  The key point was that every man and his dog is driving an agenda around how .coms are going to ‘disrupt’ the market and business model but basics prevail (Bruno Malio from C4 coffee always said this).

I am wondering (over a coffee mind you), how on top of businesses are cafe owners now that the digital foam has smashed over all of us a few times?  key questions;

1. Has online/digital done anything significant to revenues or your cafe business or as a consumer in any way?
2. What is the biggest challenge for you as coffee shop owners or consumers?

My guess is that the bottom line is Bottoms over the line into your cafe, and money hitting the bank account in return for a great coffee and great cafe experience.






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