Equilbrio, the 4th wave.

Bill, Equilibrio’s founder, was a old school roaster and blend developer when he decided to re-enter the industry as an independent. Burning with passion for the industry he chose to join with Mio, one of the stalwarts of the Melbourne coffee scene, and produce what he believes to be a return to the no nonsense traditional espresso coffee.


He told MCR “I miss the more traditional relationship with customers, which I think was lost in the boom of coffee over the last 10 years. Frank’s approach worked for me and we brought my thoughts and dreams into a no nonsense blend we call Equilibrio, try it and you’ll see!”

So, why Equilibrio? whats in the name?

Bill believes great coffee making is about balance, which is what Equilibrio means. “It’s a balance between great coffee, great equipment and great skills as a barista. We don’t just do coffee, we deliver on all three. It’s a dance of coffee if you like!”

The coffee?

In mixing these blends they tell MCR how they looked at what worked as an Italian style espresso, “we needed 4-5 different types of coffee! We believe that Robusta needs to be a part if that, and our prime objective and directive was to use Equilibrio as our third wave response to what was happening to coffee in the market. Classic Italian style; without that hint of bitterness. Try and balance acidity and astringency, Bitterness and body. There is a degree of bitterness so you need to ad sugar”. Ok, thats interesting… mind you most people MCR knows use sugar anyway, maybe making the coffee to suit that is not such a crazy idea.

Days to drink: 7-10 after roast. within 30 days of open.

Why partner with Mio?

Equilibrio is a startup roaster with an old School roasting company behind them. We see the tension resulting in great things for drinkers.



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