Industry Beans Winter Roast

For a long time, I have tried to connect to the essence of our human nature through what is essentially only one man’s observations through a coffee stained eye glass. I, along with others, wrote words to promise something closer to that sublime experience we all yearn for in our busy city lives.

When I started talking to roasters, semiconsciously what I wanted was to connect you, the coffee lover and enthusiast of all things coffee, to the real intention of the roaster. That intention is not just about flavour, while that’s a big piece in terms of the craft, it’s also a reflection and a very real connection to people on lands far away creating coffee beans in a trade that is millennia old.

The business of coffee has at it’s roots, with coffee farmers on lands far away. These men and women support their families and support themselves by offering a little green bean that feeds into our big city coffee culture. Who wouldn’t like to stroll onto a farm in South America and sit with the farmer to enjoy and talk about the coffee, the forest around her, smells and sounds of exotic wildlife.

In that vein, when I sat with Steve from Industry Beans (IB), I was looking to connect to that, by osmosis if you like. Through Steve and Trevor (brothers in coffee) they could bring a little bit of that to our lives through their coffee. I am delighted to report that it’s as close as I have come to that feeling as Steve navigated through my questions and I was reminded why I love the coffee culture in Melbourne.



IB has as its touchstone in it’s Fitzroy Street Blend. Off that, IB released its seasonal blends.

So, since I write this in the cold hard Melbourne winter (as beautiful as it is) we talked about how they go to the IB Winter blend. Steve describes it “The Winter comprises two coffees, both Africans, one washed from Burundi, the other a natural process from Ethiopia.  We identified that the dominant flavours we wanted to express were present in the Matura Hills washing station in Burundi, however the challenge was finding something to magnify the somewhat delicate characteristics.  By adding the lot from Korate, Sidamo, Ethiopia we were able to find the rich, syrupy texture and lovely sweetness to support the apricot and toffee notes in the Matura Hills, and round out the acidity nicely.”  I dug a little deeper into the process.

“…4 people blind cup (ie:taste according to a framework while not discussing what they are tasting), only afterwards comparing notes. We have actually developed our own internal cupping sheet, do the blind cupping and then we open the discussion. We cupped in May and released the winter blend last week. We do that every season, so we’ll start developing our spring blend in August”.


So what are the customers saying? “Customers are loving it with both milk and without. Most attractive feedback from wholesale – round and satisfying!!”

A strong BUY recommendation from MCR…jump on!

How this works: IB has released, exclusively to MCR, a limited amount of their ‘Winter Roast’.  Click below to enjoy this amazing coffee!



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