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Oh Errol.. I would give anything for a good coffee

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Happy new year Melbourne, Australia and Planet Earth. I had a coffee booked with my besty this morning at the top part of town. He was complaining about no good coffee shops being around his work, and I thought, “how can this be?”. He is running late so I thought I’d poke around. I first hit home Barista Institute,.. nada. It was closed, and looks like they are doing a reno, with a name change (open on 7th). Then I thought, Di Bella, up in Nth Melb, just 300 Metres.. Nup, same, closed up tight. I love this time of year, but for coffee crazies its tough. I spun the car around the corner and hit Errol Street. There was one I had noticed on the app but had no data on a cafe called Tramezzini, Closed. Damn. I opted for Errol’s. I would stay away from this type of place normally unless I was looking for a pizza or I was en route to Adelaide by car. It was funny; as I entered, there were about 7 blokes (men) standing around waiting for their coffees like sea gulls waiting for fries at the beach. I sat, I ordered, what the else could I do, mans gotta have his coffee first thing, you know it. They took my order and soon enough had my double shot with water on side (I have gone away from Macchiato’s). They use Atomica,.. it was I have to say a respectable coffee. It was well pulled, temp was right on and the coffee taste was strong and flavorsome. No major bitterness or bad barista work.

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Atlas Espresso Hobart

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

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Altas Espresso, Hobart, Tasmania

Cafe competition is hotting up in the nation’s southernmost capital. Atlas Espresso’s baristas may well feel that they are carrying the weight of the world is on their shoulders to produce consistently good coffee for the streams of corporates and tourists that flow through the door. Long a site of quick respite for the many public servants and office workers in the surrounding buildings, Atlas Espresso is stepping up to meet the demand – and does a pretty good job. There are no pour overs or syphons here, just consistent espresso and milk variants, straight up. The service is friendly and welcoming, no attitude displayed for requests for hot milk or extra weak decaf soys, just a genuine desire to provide customers with their drinks quickly and efficiently. Classic cafe fare of muffins and toasted pide available, in a bustling space. If you are looking for a pick me up that you won’t want to put down, Atlas Espresso will not disappoint.


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Zo’i Espresso

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Albury, NSW
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It amazes me when competitors recomed each other, a uniquely regional attitude. Coffee Mamma let me know that Zo’i up the road rocks… I am truly impressed with the coffee culture in Albury,.. Melbourne establishment could learn a thing or two from the lads here.

So you understand, this is a roaster with a cafe and retail shop tacked on. the are a frenzy of activity servicing their clientèle, sacks in the corner next to the little roaster that could. The coffee was perfect, the service friendly, and well worth the visit. I think a few votes are in order here!

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Ristretto Espresso

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Perth, WA
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CBD cafes can be pretty hit and miss, whether you’re in London, Melbourne or Perth. There are always a number of high quality, cutting edge places (eg Mr Tulk in Melbourne) but for each of those there’s a number of low budget chew and spew type establishments (McCafe, anyone?). Fortunately as Perth’s coffee revival continues, there are more of the former and less of the latter every day. Ristretto espresso is one of those, in two locations, Howard street next to Mr Porter menswear and 160 Central arcade on St George’s terrace. Both are simply set out, not much to look at, but serve exemplary coffee. The Howard st store also has beautifully simple pannini made on the premises daily but it’s standout feature is the availability of siphon coffee and an extremely knowledgable barista in Emmanuelle who is dedicated to pursuing the concept of increased provenance in the coffee industry. The beans are roasted in their Northbridge complex having been sourced from various international locales. All in all, a great place to get an outstanding coffee and an education in the origin of the bean!

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