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The unassuming Mr Brownstone

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Tucked down an unassuming side street in Ashburton, handy to the train station, Mr Brownstone caffeinates early morning commuters, families heading home from the school run and lucky locals in between.


I had the very great pleasure of sipping an espresso of their single origin, Colombia – Las Margaritas; rich, smooth and with more than a hint of dark chocolate and honey, this is an espresso to write home about (so to speak). Just as impressive as the magic they weave with Rosso Coffee beans ( is baristas and café owners Matt and Mitch’s commitment to fair trade, organic and ethically sourced produce including locally sourced gluten free treats and an impressive array of organic Chamellia teas (


If you’re peckish, Mr Brownstone offers a simple yet delicious meals from crunchy croissants to a genuinely ‘Super Salad’, with fresh, high quality ingredients. The interior décor is warm, welcoming and funky and the outer wall features striking street art.

The team there are friendly, they know their beans and are passionate about serving high quality, ethical delicious wares. Get into it!

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
7.00am – 4.00pm
7.30am – 2.00pm

Black Coffee $3.50
White Coffee $4.00
Chai $4.00
Hot Chocolate $4.00
Selected Tea $4.00

MCR invites you to select from an exclusive release of coffee’s for your home or work. MCR’s is a specialty coffee platform where Roasters can offer a limited amount of their product at a discount. The deal is that you have to give us some feedback on the coffee (we send out a questionnaire).

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Get me my coffee and no one get’s hurt

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Some of the regular readers may have seen my T-shirt with that on it, and I have to confess it been very much like that the last few weeks. Coming into summer and spring racing, it’s more about booze and parties than coffee but the cold weather has kinda taken me back to the bitter cold of Melb 2013.

In spite of booze and gourmet nights, I have found a couple of quite corners in cafes to enjoy and contemplate, one being Piccolo Cafe, and more recently the new Third Wave cafe, who should be listed on MCR soon.

The coffee at Piccolo is consistently smooth and flavoursome, and at Third Wave, they are pulling off magic every time. I like both not just because of the coffee but the quiet corner where you can work.

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Chapter Too

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

110 Canterbury Rd, Heathmont VIC.

The quality is spreading like spilled coffee nectar into the outer suburbs of Melbourne.  Say hello to Chapter Too,..  three suits decided to abandon the cubical life and have a crack.    I’m here for the coffee, so food will have to rely on your own experience.

My take was a lovely, well made, earthy and buttery coffee delivered post haste.  The service was great, the team friendly and attentive.  They have wireless here but alas today it was on blink.  If you are near by this is a must visit,.. say hi from us…  2 big beans.



This got me thinking, are you thinking about setting up a coffee shop?

Is there anyone still in the corporate space,.. or is it just that the lights are on?   My impression is that more and more corporate types are leaving the relative security (or maybe not) of the corporate world and setting up cafes or restaurants.  

They are buying them, operationalising them using their corporate skills then 6 to 12 months latter going back into the corporate world with another asset on the personal balance sheet.  It must make for a different feeling should redundancies and restructures occur.

MCR is on the hunt for people to interview for our next article on this phenomenon.  If you are a corporate worker, and are looking to buy or establish a café or restaurant, or in fact have already done it, we want to ask you a few questions.   If you have a mo, please fill out this survey, and we might be calling you for an interview!






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Home Barista, the real deal!

Friday, February 8th, 2013

So last weekend I did what many parents do, I took my 6 yearold boy to a birthday party. I didn’t drop him off and dash to a café, I chose to stay a, because he waned me to, and b, because there was a pool and I just needed to know he was ok.

What surprised me was that the parents that opted to do the same were a delightful bunch I really hadn’t had the opportunity in the past to know. I mean, genuinely lovely people, all of who have kids at the same school, including the hilarious MC Extraordinaire Andrew Gill , but he doesn’t drink coffee,.. what the?

Of course the discussion lead to ‘so what do you do?’ and when I mentioned coffee, it was on. The conversation (I am a big culprit here) flowed into café’s, the coffee scene in Melbourne, the MCR Journey and on it went.

Then the big question came, would you like a coffee. I generally shy away from this, fearing I would offend. I got talking to Craig, the host (along with his delightful wife Felicity) and discovered a long, and very passionate commitment to great coffee AT HOME! I guess it made sense. With kids we invest more in our home because we spend more time there etc.

Then, you could have pushed me over with a coffee bean, noticed he owned the exact same coffee machine as I, the Rocket Giotto, along with (and I don’t have one of these now, but have had), the Mazza Mini.

Bloody hell I say,.. “sure I’ll have a coffee”… after a few try’s, I had delivered a delightful double shot espresso, beans sources from Espresso Elements. Calum and his dudes still have it.

Well done Craig, you are the real deal mate!

Andrew Gill, it’s a good thing you don’t drink coffee. You don’t need the rush mate,.. love your work!

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