April 13, 2012

Welcome to the Lowlands

Details and vote for this cafe Another gem in the northern suburbs. I planned to visit another cafe, not too far away, but alas, renovations rule, seems like 'the block' everywhere I turn. I hit my iPhone and found Lowlands, a groovy place on High street and Dundas. They serve Candyman, by Small Batch. I found the coffee lovely, naturally sweet and I had a bright flavor. This is a little it of heaven, and I have to comment, the second cafe I have visited that is an all Doe crew,.. I love the ladies who love to make the coffee! 20120411-100054.jpg

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January 20, 2012


Details and vote for this cafe Sit up and take notice to Acustico. This corner café virtually straddling the train line in Brunswick town is hot to trot. It’s a tiny place, but great things come in small packages as they say. Diego rocks on the tools and serves up an awesome and delightful coffee. My first for the day was rich and flavoursome, even earthy I would say but with a nice clean aftertaste. Great vibe, happy people and a great shot in the arm to start the day.

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January 6, 2012

Balmains Cafe

Details and vote for this cafe Brighton, VIC Tucked in the heart of the famous Were St in Brighton, Balmain's is an inviting and friendly oasis for locals to enjoy a superb coffee. These guys are a pedigree unto themselves, with the owner Zach being ex Racer and St Ali, and his beautiful Barista Ioalla (ex Ali and 7 Grams) smashing out amazing black gold nectar off the three group Synesso. They are currently using one of my favourites, Five Senses 'Dark Horse' and are doing it justice, I assure you. dark earthy tones and a caramely after taste it's unmistakable. If you wander down to try this place, make sure you say hi to the team and welcome them to the family!

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December 21, 2011

The Old Barber Shop Espresso

Details and vote for this cafe   Welcome to Richmond Guys, it's nice to find you nestled onChurch street just a stones throw from shopping on Bridge Road. A lot of love and energy has been invested in the revamp of Richmond's historical old Barber shop that sees me now tapping my foot to classic tunes and a bamboo inspired fit out. They have set up Barber Shop 3 months in and pay homage to their heritage and are devoted to the caffeine craft, you will even spot an inspirational piece from local artist Catherine Abel as you enter. You cant resist a moment catching rays on the deck or soaking up the vibe inside listening to the soundtrack of your life as Danny and Tren t kick start your morning, lunch or afternoon with some quality food and passionate brews. They host an exclusive Barber Shop blend from Genovese that is a powerful pleasure on the lips and all the way down. The guys here have a commitment to good quality coffee every time and an ever changing single origin to knock your socks off. To finish my visit today I am sipping on an Indian Balmadi Estate origin, a creamy mouthful with tones of star anise, malt and a pleasing sweet finish. Divine! Fine! Sublime! If you're a local, you've probably already heard on the grapevine what I'm talking about and they may already know how you drink your coffee, if not, head over and say Hi from MCR!

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