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Ristretto espresso

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

ristrettoShop G18A 160 Central Arcade,
160 St Georges Tce

Perth WA 6000

Trevor is back out and about, doing the rounds for the Melbourne Coffee Review way out west……

Check out his latest find:
Walk up fresh roast coffee bar/ cafe in the CBD West End…
Emanuele, the owner, has vast experience in hospitality, hotel management and coffee he is a self-confessed coffee freak! Working alongside him is barista Jesper Bood who was runner-up in the recent WA Barista championships…

Emanuele chose the name “Ristretto” meaning restricted because the bar is only 8sqm in area and for the sweeter, more condensed style of espresso drink that he is noted for.

Displayed on the wall is a placard stating:-
“At Ristretto we’re coffee people here to provide the best possible coffee, everytime”

Tools of the trade are a three group Synesso Saber and twin Mazzer Robur conical burr grinders. Grinder No. 2 being for Emanuel’s much-loved single origin beans. Check the blog section on his website for some future single origins he will be offering.

They have a compact bar area with espresso served in pre-heated traditional brown Nuova Point cups for the Italian style espresso experience.
For the java lover in a hurry Ristretto monogrammed take-away cups are the vehicle to transport the liquid velvet while they race back to work or for some retail therapy.

The Ristretto Custom Blend is a smooth balanced coffee that works well for both espresso or milk based drinks. The blend is sweet, caramel/choc, rich mouthfeel which has his customers coming back time and time again.

Ristretto’s food offerings are enticing; big muffins, traditional pastries, organic fruit and nut toast, fruit/muesli yoghurts for morning and a selection of gourmet continental rolls with fine meats and fillings for lunch.

HOURS: 6.45-3.15 Mon-Fri – Web:

Small in size, big in stature, always on the best café lists–3 beans are the go here, and the CaFfiend sends out BIG KUDOS to ristretto and thanks to Trev for another beauty to add to the Melbourne Coffee Review….

Till next time, keep on caffeining on…….The CaFFiend!!!

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COFFEE: 5 Senses Ristretto Custom Blend

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velvet espresso

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Shop 5/172 St George’s Tce (entrance off King St)

Perth WA 6000

(just down from His Majesty’s Theatre)


I’m actually starting to get a bit worried now, it looks like Trevor, way out west, is trying to grab my title of, ‘The CaFFiend’ from me, but I just couldn’t resisit, this review was just so good, I had to post it!!

KUDOS to the boys out west, I didn’t know you had it in you!!!

Justin Kenny, Proprietor and keen Dockers supporter, was the original proprietor of Fix Espresso in West Perth and also owned Grind Espresso in Trinity Arcade so he has a wealth of experience on the Perth coffee scene.

(Nolan Hirte from LIAR LIAR here in Melbourne, seconds that motion – The CaFFiend.)

Situated in the bustling CBD, velvet is popular with the business community and passers’ by, it has a modern décor with stainless steel counters, a chalkboard displays the menus. There are alfresco tables on busy King Street where you can sit and watch the world go by.

They serve breakfast from 6.30am and lunch is a choice of flat breads, gourmet sandwiches and salads.

The machine of choice is a 3 group Synesso Syncra and they use Bannister Downs permeate free farm milk for their lattes and caps.

I had the pleasure of savouring their espresso, it had lively fruity/choc notes, lovely viscous mouthfeel and a lingering aftertaste. I followed this up with a piccolo latte. It had a velvety smooth caramel/choc taste, the Bannister Downs milk gave it a natural sweetness.

Great coffees, great service, I can see why velvet is always in the top echelon of Perth specialty coffee outlets.

Very popular, great coffee, great food a 3 beaner for me, and an excellent choice for the CaFFiend and Melbourne Coffee Review, GREAT WORK! Sounds like an awesome experince and for some of Melbourne’s best, check out:

Till next time, keep on caffeining on…….The CaFFiend!!!

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COFFEE: Five Senses Specialty Roasters

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

436 Glenhuntly Rd

Elsternwick VIC 3185



Finally after a self-imposed hiatus, thanks to a barrage of guest reviews, the CaFFiend is back in town, and what a return, WOW!

Just look at the picture of the coffee I had at this place!

This one was a recommendation and boy am I glad now, as it blew me away; apart from the latte art, and obvious care and attention that the owners pay to presentation, the proof was in the cup.

As well as being aesthetically amazing, these guys really pulled some shots that were dynamite.

My ristretto was perfect, rich and aromatic with a dense caramelly crema, while the café latte…..well, a picture is worth a thousand words

Perfection personified!

Pleasantly surprised and quite impressed by these guys who are hard at it, looking for that ultimate caffeine HIT!!!

Anyway after such a café latte, with such incredible presentation and care to detail how could I give this place anything less than 3 beans, seriously, their coffee is AWESOME!!!

You’d have to be absolutely LOCO to not give this place a run……

And for all the rest of the best, check out:

Till next time, keep on caffeining on…….The CaFFiend!!!

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Coffee: Di Bella

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Epic Espresso

Monday, December 1st, 2008

5/1297 Hay Street
(Entrance on Outram Street)

West Perth W.A. 6005


WELL!!! Team Caffiene Guess what? It’s another guest review, this time from way out west in W.A. from fellow cafenatic, Trevor Green!

Welcome buddy and with this sort of talent it sounds like those sandgropers could be giving Melbourne a run for its money…NOT!!

HAHAHA…Anyway I’ll let Trevor handle the rest, the CaFFiend is both impressed and disappointed:

Impressed by Trevor’s find out west and disappointed that he can’t tell you about his latest find….yet…..

Owner of this fine establishment is Perth coffee guru and Australasian Specialty Coffee Association judge Corey Diamond. His talented and enthusiastic team have a passion for coffee and it makes it a vibrant place to be.

Perth’s specialty coffee lovers regard Epic as their number one choice.

Situated in bustling West Perth a home for many mining and resource companies; Epic is always a hive of activity during business hours. They have two Synessos set up especially for the take-away coffee lover and another for in store imbibers.

The base for all of their coffees is a ristretto shot produced to Corey’s exacting standards, milk is from specialty dairy Banister Downs who produce and package their product at the farm gate.

Their custom blend has huge chocolate notes, sweet and full bodied with subtle acidity and a velvety smooth mouthfeel.

Today being a bit warmer I had an affogato consisting of hazelnut ice-cream with silky smooth ristretto shots oozing over the ice-cream, the combination of flavours and mouthfeel was amazing.

Epic’s hot chocolate made from Belgian couverture chocolate is also a big seller:
Cakes and light meals are served.
Epic Trading Hours:
Mon-Thurs 6.30-4.00, Fri 6.30-3.30. Saturday: Barista Classes only, closed on Sundays.
Web site:

This would have to be a 3 beaner for sure!!

WOW! Sounds incredible, true HOTSHOT potential way out west, but for all the best that Melbourne has on offer check out:

Till next time, keep on caffeining on…….The CaFFiend!!!

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Coffee: Five Senses Epic custom blend

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