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The absence of rush.

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

It was still dark as I rolled off my 15 minute attempt at meditation. I had been staring out of my balcony window listening to Nepean highway traffic slowly build from an occasional woosh to a hum of commuters in their giddy self talk in preparation for another day in the work place.

A moment later I am showered and in my car peeling through the early blue. Destination is Caulfield station to secure a free car park and a quick train zoom into the CBD. I read last weeks economist on my iPhone, and before I know it Flagstaff appears in the windows. I commence my steady escalation to the city floor headed for Ab’s, my barber of 15 years. I arrive at his shop and instead of the normal cue of middle aged hairy men waiting for service, I exult at spotting Aby sitting there alone, mind you it is 6.30am.

I’m greeted by old matey and offered my first shot of caffeine. I hesitate because I don’t do the pod espresso machines normally but I balance off the value of the moment. We talk as we sip or coffee’s with the conversation following the normal path, his business, my business, a guy he knows who is doing well, the economy in general and the last notable Melbourne underworld figure who got a haircut there. All the while I sense the mammoth journey of a million of these early morning Melbourne moments but notice that here, in these early hours, time stands still; an absence of rush if you like.

I am cropped and waxed (don’t ask) and I emerge from the shop scalp refreshed and renewed. I make my way down Little Collins street to Syracuse, an old mansion of sorts now a restaurant cum cafe bar owned by a buddy of mine. I grab my strategic and internet enabled spot, the managers greeting ebbs across the floor as he whips up the standard long mac he knows I take.

The music of the morning fills the room and I savour the last of the absence of rush.

absense of rush

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Random coffee thought on being a man

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

It was no surprise reading the results of the beyond blue study that revealed how alone we men are. Ironically, I sit alone in Emily’s place cafe, Melbourne Central, pondering this issue over a latte.

Personally, I really try hard to stay in touch with my mates, not for them, but for me. They were always such a source of strength for me, but time and distance, and of life’s challenges affect that. Hell its hard enough seeing my own brother. For me though, those days when we moved in packs had a context which inevitably changes later.

For me that was the Army and later Uni and all that brings with it socially. As a single guy I felt connected to my circle of bros. Marriage changed that, and for a while it was ok,.. you know young kids, the wife, the new home and all the hopes and dreams of a middle class existence.

That changes with time, as so many have written about relationships and what they do to both man and woman, and the (unfortunately) inevitable place we go to I like to call “the secret life of me”. Its solace from the sadness, isolation and the gambit of negative thoughts that really (in my humble) stem from an unwillingness to move on, and face the next journey.

Clinging on the my old Army (footy ..whatever) glory days, being young and single, strong and beautiful (physically anyway) is a poison chalice. As my gorgeous girlfriend tells me, beauty is a visa not a passport. I guess the same applies to the company of good and bad (ass) men.

I’m ok, I find solace in a cup of coffee, and new crazy business idea, and kissing my woman for a little longer than she expects.

I’m kinda with Crash Davis from Bull Durham (in an Australian way of course) when he said “Well, I believe in the soul, the cock, the pussy, the small of a woman’s back, the hanging curve ball, high fiber, good scotch, that the novels of Susan Sontag are self-indulgent, overrated crap. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. I believe there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlawing Astroturf and the designated hitter. I believe in the sweet spot, soft-core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.”….

oh,.. and I believe in drinking amazing well made espresso coffee in Melbourne because life is just too bloody short for anything else.  If I can do it with a brother,.. all the better!

Peter Christo


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Cloudy with a chance of a coffee price increase!

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

It’s funny how everyone carries on about the supposed coming increase price of coffee. My insights over the last decade plus;

1. Every few years there is a spike in the price of coffee followed by a downswing to in some cases historical lows. The daily weighted average price is actually lower now than two years ago, but like any commodity it fluctuates in the futures markets in line with market sentiment.

2. The price of coffee came back significantly a few years ago yet no one put their prices down, yet there is talk again of taking the price up. Seriously lets be consistent. Look up price elasticity on google and find out what the real cost will be.

3. Coffee itself is about 6% of the input cost of a take away cup in Melbourne, so any increase will not be felt at the cup price, if it is the cafe owner needs to think about his/her economics.

4. The media love the hype as we love our morning Latte enema shot. Lets not let the facts get in the way etc etc.

Life is too short for bad coffee,..

Peter Christo


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$375 per kilo for coffee! Seriously!

Monday, October 7th, 2013

And that’s wholesale!  Retail is $650 per kilo.

When I was invited by the Campos coffee guys to cup the Iron Man Geisha, I really was sceptical.  The most expensive coffee in the world?  I needed to see this.  Truth is  I was late, but Matthew was his usual charming self and has delayed the session to accommodate my tardiness.

The delightful lass at the Elgin street store led me around back to the Carlton Laneway that access the roaster where Campos does its thing.  Behind the Roastery is, a somewhat out of place book shelf.  Afore said lass pulls a book forward, and like in the old Batman movies, the bookshelf pivots open like a big secret door to reveal the Campos Cupping room.

I had been here before, but this was a very exclusive affair, with Campos blue bloods, Matthew Dessaix, and Dylon Green and the delightful Phoebe Montague from fame.


Before us were five cups coffee grounds ready for the nose stage.  If you don’t know how cupping is done, check out this post or wikipeadia can give some insight.  Effectively it is a standardised way to gauge the quality of coffee all around the world.

We slowly went through the coffee’s, first the nose as dry and wet, then the impolite shocking slurping of the nectar.  The hunt was on for the Iron Man Geisha.  The first one was ok, but it was just coffee,.. it had some interesting notes but all in all, nope!

Next was what I called the factory floor metal coffee, that was a Safeway special I think,.. no again.  The third, as a delightful chocolate and earthy flavour, very nice,.. Cup Of Excellence (Brazil I think), then we got onto 4.  I noticed how clean it was, and the coffee permeated my mouth without being rude or bitter.  It was a delight to drink and there were what seemed to be 1000 flavours pushing through my mouth.

This was it; this has got to be it.  The 5th was amazing to, I was a bit taken aback, it was another CoE, from where I cant remember, and I was in no condition to make a note on my iPhone.

Coffee doesn’t keep like wine does, but once you have had some of this, you may want to shrink wrap the rest for your grand kids to see if not drink.


I think it retails at about $650 per kilo.   My guess is our Japanese brothers and sisters will snatch this lot up, but you may grab some through the Campos guys.


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