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The absence of rush.

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

It was still dark as I rolled off my 15 minute attempt at meditation. I had been staring out of my balcony window listening to Nepean highway traffic slowly build from an occasional woosh to a hum of commuters in their giddy self talk in preparation for another day in the work place.

A moment later I am showered and in my car peeling through the early blue. Destination is Caulfield station to secure a free car park and a quick train zoom into the CBD. I read last weeks economist on my iPhone, and before I know it Flagstaff appears in the windows. I commence my steady escalation to the city floor headed for Ab’s, my barber of 15 years. I arrive at his shop and instead of the normal cue of middle aged hairy men waiting for service, I exult at spotting Aby sitting there alone, mind you it is 6.30am.

I’m greeted by old matey and offered my first shot of caffeine. I hesitate because I don’t do the pod espresso machines normally but I balance off the value of the moment. We talk as we sip or coffee’s with the conversation following the normal path, his business, my business, a guy he knows who is doing well, the economy in general and the last notable Melbourne underworld figure who got a haircut there. All the while I sense the mammoth journey of a million of these early morning Melbourne moments but notice that here, in these early hours, time stands still; an absence of rush if you like.

I am cropped and waxed (don’t ask) and I emerge from the shop scalp refreshed and renewed. I make my way down Little Collins street to Syracuse, an old mansion of sorts now a restaurant cum cafe bar owned by a buddy of mine. I grab my strategic and internet enabled spot, the managers greeting ebbs across the floor as he whips up the standard long mac he knows I take.

The music of the morning fills the room and I savour the last of the absence of rush.

absense of rush

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Get me my coffee and no one get’s hurt

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Some of the regular readers may have seen my T-shirt with that on it, and I have to confess it been very much like that the last few weeks. Coming into summer and spring racing, it’s more about booze and parties than coffee but the cold weather has kinda taken me back to the bitter cold of Melb 2013.

In spite of booze and gourmet nights, I have found a couple of quite corners in cafes to enjoy and contemplate, one being Piccolo Cafe, and more recently the new Third Wave cafe, who should be listed on MCR soon.

The coffee at Piccolo is consistently smooth and flavoursome, and at Third Wave, they are pulling off magic every time. I like both not just because of the coffee but the quiet corner where you can work.

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Apps, apps and more coffee, umm… I mean, more apps!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Hey all


Just a quick note from the mobile side of things – we’ve updated our MCR app with some great fixes and tweaks!


It’s the same good, golden stuff that had everyone talking way back when we were first on the coffee-app scene, only it has about a billion little tweaks under the hood.


Check it out, get your mates onto it and see who can hit the most cafes in a week – best bean brain wins!


With our tweaks in, we’ll be working hard to push out some sweet new features in the coming months – stay tuned for more updates!


Keep up being awesome…and remember – there’s no such thing ascaffeinepoisoning! (living proof right here!)


The MCR Team

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The Hyde

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Vote for this cafe in Geelong

What IS up? Has Geelong got a secret society of coffee entrepreneurs who are kicking more goals than the GFC or what? I kinda get the name now; a serious drinks session (its a bar at night) some years ago here into the wee hours, and now, I can get the amazing dulcet tones of St Ali coffee, sit and work on a roomy table. Mark the owner is on, what can be best described as a quest for gold. His venue is a lovely old building with intricate architecture and soft jazz ebbing through.

The barista knows what he is about, and my gripe around Long Maccs was not an issue here. The coffee was made well, not a hint of bitterness, with a sweet after taste. the golds like Mr Hyde, and I think you will too. Say hi from us!!

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