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Get me my coffee and no one get’s hurt

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Some of the regular readers may have seen my T-shirt with that on it, and I have to confess it been very much like that the last few weeks. Coming into summer and spring racing, it’s more about booze and parties than coffee but the cold weather has kinda taken me back to the bitter cold of Melb 2013.

In spite of booze and gourmet nights, I have found a couple of quite corners in cafes to enjoy and contemplate, one being Piccolo Cafe, and more recently the new Third Wave cafe, who should be listed on MCR soon.

The coffee at Piccolo is consistently smooth and flavoursome, and at Third Wave, they are pulling off magic every time. I like both not just because of the coffee but the quiet corner where you can work.

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The Old Barber Shop Espresso

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

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Welcome to Richmond Guys, it’s nice to find you nestled onChurch street just a stones throw from shopping on Bridge Road. A lot of love and energy has been invested in the revamp of Richmond’s historical old Barber shop that sees me now tapping my foot to classic tunes and a bamboo inspired fit out. They have set up Barber Shop 3 months in and pay homage to their heritage and are devoted to the caffeine craft, you will even spot an inspirational piece from local artist Catherine Abel as you enter. You cant resist a moment catching rays on the deck or soaking up the vibe inside listening to the soundtrack of your life as Danny and Tren t kick start your morning, lunch or afternoon with some quality food and passionate brews.

They host an exclusive Barber Shop blend from Genovese that is a powerful pleasure on the lips and all the way down. The guys here have a commitment to good quality coffee every time and an ever changing single origin to knock your socks off. To finish my visit today I am sipping on an Indian Balmadi Estate origin, a creamy mouthful with tones of star anise, malt and a pleasing sweet finish. Divine! Fine! Sublime! If you’re a local, you’ve probably already heard on the grapevine what I’m talking about and they may already know how you drink your coffee, if not, head over and say Hi from MCR!

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

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Funky fit out… Check. Sunny courtyard… Check. Sexy lighting…Check. Friendly smiles and coffee chit chat. CHECK! Can I interest you in a Single Origin, today we have the Nicaragua Esmerelda Microlot… CHECK CHECK!! Good golly miss molly! What a beautiful coffee. Best shot I’ve had all day! Bouncy and light citrus notes and it feels like its my first coffee for the day all over again. Nirvana found. This place checks all the boxes. A bright a beautiful corner cafe on Malvern Road with so much to catch your attention you could just sit and relax here all day. Perfect acoustic classics to sing along to while you merrily sip on a cup of joy from the passionate barista and staff at Thread Cafe.

The continuous hum drum of people coming and going, they are certainly here for the coffee, there is no doubt about that (while I bet they all come back for lunch by the looks of that awesomely packed fridge). Thread cafe has taken time to address the little things that make the cafe culture in this city tick along nicely. A spot for everyone to feel comfortable and cater for all your needs. A grand square communal table accompanied by plenty of nooks and crannies to savour your poison and watch the barista kick it with his fancy pants latte art.

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Street Talk Cafe

Monday, October 10th, 2011

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The word on the street is that if you’re heading along the High Street in Armadale you better stop for a coffee at Street Talk Cafe. So, that’s just what I did. I pulled up a spot in the morning sun and spread out over a massive dining table to enjoy my morning coffee. What a treat. A genuine and relaxed environment with sweet customer service and a nice place to spend some valuable down time.

Street Talk Cafe uses a Vittoria arabica blend served promptly with a smile, what more can you ask for? A strong espresso that dances on your taste buds? Certainly, you wont need to ask for it here, the word on the street is true my friends! My Barista is serving up a strong golden espresso topped with well textured milk any which way you like it.Pull over and grab a coffee, its sure to satisfy your caffeine craving and give you the chance to flick through a mag, read the paper, get some work done or chill out at start street talking yourself! You’ll feel like a local by the time you leave.

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