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The unassuming Mr Brownstone

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

Tucked down an unassuming side street in Ashburton, handy to the train station, Mr Brownstone caffeinates early morning commuters, families heading home from the school run and lucky locals in between.


I had the very great pleasure of sipping an espresso of their single origin, Colombia – Las Margaritas; rich, smooth and with more than a hint of dark chocolate and honey, this is an espresso to write home about (so to speak). Just as impressive as the magic they weave with Rosso Coffee beans ( is baristas and café owners Matt and Mitch’s commitment to fair trade, organic and ethically sourced produce including locally sourced gluten free treats and an impressive array of organic Chamellia teas (


If you’re peckish, Mr Brownstone offers a simple yet delicious meals from crunchy croissants to a genuinely ‘Super Salad’, with fresh, high quality ingredients. The interior décor is warm, welcoming and funky and the outer wall features striking street art.

The team there are friendly, they know their beans and are passionate about serving high quality, ethical delicious wares. Get into it!

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
7.00am – 4.00pm
7.30am – 2.00pm

Black Coffee $3.50
White Coffee $4.00
Chai $4.00
Hot Chocolate $4.00
Selected Tea $4.00

MCR invites you to select from an exclusive release of coffee’s for your home or work. MCR’s is a specialty coffee platform where Roasters can offer a limited amount of their product at a discount. The deal is that you have to give us some feedback on the coffee (we send out a questionnaire).

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The absence of rush.

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

It was still dark as I rolled off my 15 minute attempt at meditation. I had been staring out of my balcony window listening to Nepean highway traffic slowly build from an occasional woosh to a hum of commuters in their giddy self talk in preparation for another day in the work place.

A moment later I am showered and in my car peeling through the early blue. Destination is Caulfield station to secure a free car park and a quick train zoom into the CBD. I read last weeks economist on my iPhone, and before I know it Flagstaff appears in the windows. I commence my steady escalation to the city floor headed for Ab’s, my barber of 15 years. I arrive at his shop and instead of the normal cue of middle aged hairy men waiting for service, I exult at spotting Aby sitting there alone, mind you it is 6.30am.

I’m greeted by old matey and offered my first shot of caffeine. I hesitate because I don’t do the pod espresso machines normally but I balance off the value of the moment. We talk as we sip or coffee’s with the conversation following the normal path, his business, my business, a guy he knows who is doing well, the economy in general and the last notable Melbourne underworld figure who got a haircut there. All the while I sense the mammoth journey of a million of these early morning Melbourne moments but notice that here, in these early hours, time stands still; an absence of rush if you like.

I am cropped and waxed (don’t ask) and I emerge from the shop scalp refreshed and renewed. I make my way down Little Collins street to Syracuse, an old mansion of sorts now a restaurant cum cafe bar owned by a buddy of mine. I grab my strategic and internet enabled spot, the managers greeting ebbs across the floor as he whips up the standard long mac he knows I take.

The music of the morning fills the room and I savour the last of the absence of rush.

absense of rush

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Picollo Espresso

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Natalie and Bridget, two sisters who have passion in their eyes and fire in their heart run this place.  This is not a manufactured koolesque cafe, this is the real deal,.. lovers of coffee come here as an oasis from the drudge of urban dayze.  The coffee here is Campos.  MCR loves Campos. Simply, the guys do a great coffee, the team here takes it up a notch and all is well in the world.

This morning I braved the freeze and rain, with only my scarf and the promise of a good coffee to greet me and kick off the day.  I think I am not alone when I say many of us rely on the baristas to do their job superbly so that we can do ours.  Its that time of the year when the grey days of Melbourne are plashed with the vibrant smell of freshly extracted coffee.

Enjoy my friends.





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1000 £ Bend

Friday, May 17th, 2013

361 Lt Lonsdale Street, Melb.

It’s astounding that Melbourne can still surprise me with its amazing coffee and space culture.  Of course we all love the little back alleys with graffiti art, but what about those old dilapidated warehouses?  Seriously, 1000 £ Bend is a coffee space and event area that oozes relax and chill baby,…  Look, the coffee is decent, the service is nonchalant, and the coffee area is reminiscent of my parents home in 1973 in Collingwood, including that dark haired beauty leaning agains the tree.

As we enter the colder daze, where misty mornings, and dark grey clouds become part of our lives, we look for warm places to enjoy decent coffee.

If you are looking for an inviting place, check this out Melbourne Coffee Lovers.

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