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Home Barista, the real deal!

Friday, February 8th, 2013

So last weekend I did what many parents do, I took my 6 yearold boy to a birthday party. I didn’t drop him off and dash to a café, I chose to stay a, because he waned me to, and b, because there was a pool and I just needed to know he was ok.

What surprised me was that the parents that opted to do the same were a delightful bunch I really hadn’t had the opportunity in the past to know. I mean, genuinely lovely people, all of who have kids at the same school, including the hilarious MC Extraordinaire Andrew Gill , but he doesn’t drink coffee,.. what the?

Of course the discussion lead to ‘so what do you do?’ and when I mentioned coffee, it was on. The conversation (I am a big culprit here) flowed into café’s, the coffee scene in Melbourne, the MCR Journey and on it went.

Then the big question came, would you like a coffee. I generally shy away from this, fearing I would offend. I got talking to Craig, the host (along with his delightful wife Felicity) and discovered a long, and very passionate commitment to great coffee AT HOME! I guess it made sense. With kids we invest more in our home because we spend more time there etc.

Then, you could have pushed me over with a coffee bean, noticed he owned the exact same coffee machine as I, the Rocket Giotto, along with (and I don’t have one of these now, but have had), the Mazza Mini.

Bloody hell I say,.. “sure I’ll have a coffee”… after a few try’s, I had delivered a delightful double shot espresso, beans sources from Espresso Elements. Calum and his dudes still have it.

Well done Craig, you are the real deal mate!

Andrew Gill, it’s a good thing you don’t drink coffee. You don’t need the rush mate,.. love your work!

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Culinaria Gem in the Burb

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Vote for this cafe!

It’s not always possible to be in the hip part of Melb where cafe houses are abundant and the coffee delights sublime. There is of course the category of ‘that place near by’ that by all accounts does a great job in servicing those of us more that 5km out of the CBD. Tucked in Brenford square is Culinaria a cafe bar that does a damn fine job in delivering across my favorite items. fast and friendly service, a decent coffee, made as I asked, and a place to pop my laptop open. They do Beraldo which is a solid performer in the cafe roaster league.

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The church of Cafenatics on fire!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Something about the Cafenatics guys that is a cut above the rest. They are not only great coffee makers, but undertake to create the experience for their breakfast and lunch businesses like a quality restauranteur.

I am checking out their recent star on Church Lane off Collins. This is a slick fitout, relaxed atmosphear that appeals to the urban worker, for that hearty breakfast, essential caffien hit or business meets.

Of course the coffees are as much about redundancy packages, new business startups, projects and who is sleeping with who in the office, that is a constant. Essentially I say Cafernatics is in step with the times and offers a great coffee and food experience. Mind you, I don’t see wifi anywhere.

I tried their coffee of the day, the single origin from Costa Rica, Pepe, which was a delightful, bright and smooth coffee, perfect to kick off my day.

Well done you guys.

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Oh Errol.. I would give anything for a good coffee

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Happy new year Melbourne, Australia and Planet Earth. I had a coffee booked with my besty this morning at the top part of town. He was complaining about no good coffee shops being around his work, and I thought, “how can this be?”. He is running late so I thought I’d poke around. I first hit home Barista Institute,.. nada. It was closed, and looks like they are doing a reno, with a name change (open on 7th). Then I thought, Di Bella, up in Nth Melb, just 300 Metres.. Nup, same, closed up tight. I love this time of year, but for coffee crazies its tough. I spun the car around the corner and hit Errol Street. There was one I had noticed on the app but had no data on a cafe called Tramezzini, Closed. Damn. I opted for Errol’s. I would stay away from this type of place normally unless I was looking for a pizza or I was en route to Adelaide by car. It was funny; as I entered, there were about 7 blokes (men) standing around waiting for their coffees like sea gulls waiting for fries at the beach. I sat, I ordered, what the else could I do, mans gotta have his coffee first thing, you know it. They took my order and soon enough had my double shot with water on side (I have gone away from Macchiato’s). They use Atomica,.. it was I have to say a respectable coffee. It was well pulled, temp was right on and the coffee taste was strong and flavorsome. No major bitterness or bad barista work.

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