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Friday, August 26th, 2011

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Geelong is making it easy and hard for me. Something amazing here,.. smack in an industrial estate, wafts the awesomeness of quality coffee roasting, reggae music and a bamboo lounge to mellow away the hrs if you choose to.

This unpretentious little place could easily be missed, but it would be to your detriment. My Long Macc, an Etheopian Harare was nutty, vibrant, bright and bloody delightfull. the crew here is highly caffinated, and if you are within Kooee of this place, I would make the journey here post haste.

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The Hyde

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

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What IS up? Has Geelong got a secret society of coffee entrepreneurs who are kicking more goals than the GFC or what? I kinda get the name now; a serious drinks session (its a bar at night) some years ago here into the wee hours, and now, I can get the amazing dulcet tones of St Ali coffee, sit and work on a roomy table. Mark the owner is on, what can be best described as a quest for gold. His venue is a lovely old building with intricate architecture and soft jazz ebbing through.

The barista knows what he is about, and my gripe around Long Maccs was not an issue here. The coffee was made well, not a hint of bitterness, with a sweet after taste. the golds like Mr Hyde, and I think you will too. Say hi from us!!

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Cafe Silk..

Monday, August 15th, 2011

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….y… smooth… wow,.. hello there Cafe Silk. Tucked at the cultural/bay end of Moorabool St, this is a neat, friendly and kool place to get your coffee fix. Their San Marco looks like an art piece against the wall, pumping out the sweet black gold. The inviting décor means that family, babies and business folk will all be comfortable here and I suspect the food rocks also (but what would I know!).

For me, the all important back table where I can sit and do my thing is where its at; the coffee arrived in moments and was smooth, well presented and had a strong earthy flavour. In fact, as regular readers will know, I am a Long Macc Man, and find that there are two schools of thought, 1. The Italian way, which is simply a double shot with a dollop, or 2. the same but with a dash of hot water also. I prefer the Italian way myself as I find the shot of water normally makes it too hot to enjoy. Thankfully, the team here delivered it just the way I like it. Interestingly, I challenged the specialists on this issue recently and I could not get a definitive right way! regardless, Silk, does it right for me!

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Fuel’n Geelong

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

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Fuel Geelong

If there was a bell that I could ring in the middle of Melbourne to signify major coffee milestones, I would be ringing today. Geelong coffee lovers can now rest easy knowing that they have amazing coffee at their back door.

Fuel feels like I am in one of the better cafes in Melbourne back streets, with a real cosmo vibe and a passionate team on the tools banging out black gold.

This place rocked me to the core, I love it. Come here now and say MCR sent you. The coffee was exquisite, luscious and smooth like velvet. The service was what can only be described as a frenzy of friendly happiness.

Wow, Geelong! Love your work! A Top 100 contender without doubt for 2012.

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