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Cloudy with a chance of a coffee price increase!

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

It’s funny how everyone carries on about the supposed coming increase price of coffee. My insights over the last decade plus;

1. Every few years there is a spike in the price of coffee followed by a downswing to in some cases historical lows. The daily weighted average price is actually lower now than two years ago, but like any commodity it fluctuates in the futures markets in line with market sentiment.

2. The price of coffee came back significantly a few years ago yet no one put their prices down, yet there is talk again of taking the price up. Seriously lets be consistent. Look up price elasticity on google and find out what the real cost will be.

3. Coffee itself is about 6% of the input cost of a take away cup in Melbourne, so any increase will not be felt at the cup price, if it is the cafe owner needs to think about his/her economics.

4. The media love the hype as we love our morning Latte enema shot. Lets not let the facts get in the way etc etc.

Life is too short for bad coffee,..

Peter Christo


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Di’zain – London

Sunday, October 24th, 2010



As their web page states, Di’zain refers to pattern with a purpose, and that it does. Slick, chic, cool and appealing. Perfectly presented and the attention to detail is impeccable, not just with the coffee. Owner and well experienced barista Albi puts his heart into every cup and it pays off. Serving a delicious flat white in a rounded diamond shape cup that suits the decor perfectly. If I lived in Fulham I would be in this cafe everyday, feeding my addiction to caffeine and free wi-fi. The roast used here is a light bourbon made up of 80% Brazil and 20% El Salvador and it pulls through the creamy high quality milk exceptionally. It packs quite a punch served as a classic espresso with a crema to die for in this city. Although I am favouring the perfect macchiato served to me today. Di’zain boasts a centre coffee bar showing off my favourite La Marzoco machine in a sunny front room. You can venture through to more tables and another dining area looking out on to a quaint summer garden. The cafe is stylish and black and white themed, great wallpapers and art. Attention has been paid to the little things and it is a good looking place. I highly recommend you make you way to Fulham and to Di’zain and give yourself time to drink the afternoon away, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast or lunch and even dinner Thursday – Saturday. I’m grateful I found it even if it was in my last days in London.

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Fernandez & Wells

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


This place is amazing. It is so stylish and just perfectly presented. And the coffee is AMAZING. It is rather expensive, but when you see whats going on in this joint its all worth it. The piccolo latte is featured here and what a joy it is to see. Everything is designed with intention here and I like that. Fernandez and Wells currently has 3 venues in London, a Food and Wine bar, a Cafe and the Espresso Bar that I find myself in today. I must must must see the other two if this is any indication of the quality I may find. Fernandez and Wells only uses full cream milk, and I have no arguments there. It’s delicious and creamy and the strong coffee sits perfectly in the centre of my tongue. They really have it bang on here. They also serve organic soups made on site, organic luscombe drinks and delicious freshly carved meats for sandwiches. And the afternoon treats are not to be ignored either. This Espresso bar is very pleasing on the eye and leaps and bounds beyond anything else I have seen in London to date. Located in a small lane on St Anne’s Court it attracts the sneaky passers by and those that know they are there. Full of Australians and Kiwi’s again although this time run by a very enthusiastic English man who has a definite passion for his job and for coffee. Really great strong coffee, good tunes, warm atmosphere, great food and wonderful people, in the heart of London, really this is quite a gem.

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Lantana – London

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


I spent a long time on Lantana’s website before I visited the cafe in Central London, which I don’t usually do until after I have been there. I don’t know why that is relevant, but it is a very good website. This is a cool cafe, a very cool cafe. I like the way it looks, it has a great feel from the outside and from the inside and I could certainly waste an afternoon here. Another Australian gem on the sunny side of a central London street. Monmouth coffee used here and I must say that it is my favourite coffee in London so I am really excited for it to be my first today. And duly noted as I enter a shiny La Marzzocco machine and two happy mazzer grinders buzzing to the late morning crowd. Beautiful looking flat whites served here and one of the coolest Barista’s I have seen in ages. I would have liked the temperature to be a little higher to be honest here, but I’d prefer it not quite hot enough as opposed to too hot any day. The coffee was not strong enough to strike any lasting characteristics on the palette however very enjoyable. Perhaps clever in attracting a broader range of coffee drinkers in a city accustomed to very milky coffee. Or perhaps a way to make you order two? I proceed to order a piccolo in order to satisfy my habit and find that this is indeed a much better choice for me. A strong espresso and less milk and a sure kick of caffeine that is not at all bitter and completely complimented by a fairly sweet milk. Lantana was the winner of Best New Cafe in 2009 and rightly so I think. Not only is the coffee wonderful but as Lunch is getting set up around me I see fabulous choices and a regular lunch rush on its way.

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