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Le Chien

Monday, October 19th, 2009

5 Gamon St

Le Chien

In Seddon for the first time, I was in desperate need of a coffee with no idea where to find the liquid I needed to satisfy.
Le Chien had been recommended and was just doors down from the shop that had drawn me to a suburb so far away from home.

Wandering in from the dazing sun, the first thing to catch my eye is a large communal table packed with people end to end. This really did set the scene for what eventuated into a relaxing half hour in a real neighbourhood cafe.
The interior has a mix of communal seating and small intimate tables with enough space to feel comfortable. One side of the cafe is inhabited by a mural that covers the entire wall and the other with deep red velvet floor to ceiling curtains and soft furnishings… there is an arty, almost bohemian feel.
I started as usual, ordering a short black, and took a seat in the window with the paper.
My coffee arrived promptly and was exactly what I was waiting for.
The rich dark crema stubbornly clung to my lips as I took my first sip inhaling the sharp pungent extraction. It’s flavour was that of dark caramel and very well balanced with a medium acidity and body.
With the taste of my short black still lingering, I ordered a strong latte to follow which was equally impressive. Smooth creamy milk giving the punchy coffee the round consistency and full creamy mouth feel I love in milk coffees.
Hands down the best coffee supreme I have had the pleasure of drinking.
Thank you.

I didn’t sample the food on this occasion but after perusing the menu, I may have to venture back for a long lunch at some point.
Really friendly staff and a great local cafe oozing personality.
A solid 2 beans for sure.

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